The Start of Something New

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cheers to the start of something new!  I have ventured into the blog area before, most recently with my blog Live.Laugh.Lymphoma. In that blog I shared about my experiences with having cancer, more specifically, Hodgkins Lymphoma. I enjoyed working on that blog and sharing my journey with Hodgkins but I found myself wanting to make posts that are not cancer related and it caused me to not post as much. Therefore, I have decided to start another blog, a place where I can share new fashion and cosmetic finds, healthy (or sometimes just delicious) recipes, everyday adventures, craft projects, and much more! I have created Sunflowers and Palm Trees to be that outlet. Both sunflowers and palm trees make me incredibly happy so I thought there was no better name for my new blog than to bring those two things together. So here goes nada!

Kayaking at the beach in NC and enjoying the  
palm trees all around me.